Accounting Outsourcing Solution

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We assist our international clients in setting up their U.S. presence by providing customized Accounting Outsourcing Solutions.

Our Accounting Outsourcing team can provide an "instant back office" offering accounting, reporting and cash management functions. We provide these services during the start-up phase, and generally continue until the U.S. entity is able to deploy the necessary internal resources itself. Many companies find that this outsourcing not only significantly reduce administration cost but also enables them to focus on crucial core business development.

We assist our clients with the preparation of various applications, such as those for employer identification numbers, sales tax registrations, business licenses and other documents necessary to the proper registration of businesses, and we coordinate financial accounting and payroll issues with the parent company.

We provide compiled financial statements at whatever frequency our clients may choose. In most cases, we can also provide reporting in the format or language required by our clients' corporate guidelines.