Tax Consulting and Preparation

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Maneuvering in U.S. territory is always a challenge to every investor. We are experienced in assisting both international and domestic clients make the right choices in the very complex area of U.S. taxation. We also help our clients construct domestic and international business structure through consideration of tax treaties and foreign-country tax laws. Additionally, we analyze and review double-taxation-treaty issues.

In addition to providing tax research and tax solutions, we have a team of well trained professionals providing high quality U.S. tax compliance service, including the preparation of any federal and state income tax returns, franchise tax returns, information returns, property, sales tax and other returns required by various government agencies.

Our range of services extends to the preparation of individual income tax returns and tax optimization services for foreign employees assigned to the U.S. (inpatriates), as well as for U.S. employees assigned to foreign countries (expatriates).